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When you need help with your computer, we're there when you need us. We can diagnose and repair your PC, find out why it's running slow, fix software or hardware problems, or just clean up and speed up your machine.

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The laptop repair experts at Hayes Computers have an unmatched 92% success rate in laptop repair. We replace screens, keyboards, hard drives, and more - all with a 90-day warranty.

Advanced Networking

We have a variety of networking equipment from routers, switches, wireless adapters, Cable and DSL modems, wireless extenders, network adapters, and much more. We will even come out to install and set up your equipment for you.


All of our computers are loaded with either Windows 7 or 8 and come with a full year of Professional Anti-Virus protection. We make sure that all of our computers are loaded with the latest updates and drivers for the best possible performance.